Friday, March 30, 2012

Chapter 8.8 - Disaster Strikes

*now told in Lexi's p.o.v.

  A few days after meeting with our lawyer we celebrated mum and dad's birthdays. They were pretty upset about becoming elders but we tried to keep the mood light. Aside from keeping the mood light I decided to try to make their favorite meal, spaghetti. It was a little nerve wrecking since mum did all of the cooking but I was almost a young adult now and I needed to learn how to prepare my own meals at some point. I ended up burning the first 3 servings before finally getting it right. Mum and dad said they enjoyed dinner but I think they were just saying that so I would feel good about cooking. After I did the dishes it was time for cake and mum and dad's sparkly transition took place.

  They were pleasantly surprised when they noticed that they didn't look terrible at an old age. Of course dad was upset that he wasn't muscular like he use to be and mum missed her beautiful brunette hair. After cake dad called his boss and finally retired, which was good because his job was so stressful. My job wasn't nearly as stressful as dad's was but I recently began working double shifts just to make sure the bills were paid and we could put the rest in with our savings.

  Just a few days after mum and dad's birthdays it was time for Chase, Jolene, and I to become young adults. It came with a lot more responsibilities but now I could pursue my singing career at the same time. Like it had when mum and dad aged up, the sparkly transition slowly took each of us over. Chase was still my handsome brother, Jolene was a lot prettier now than she was as a teen and I was very happy with how I looked, I was hoping that I would not change too much.

  One day while I was working at the spa Chase and Jolene decided to take Raelyn to the park so mum and dad could take a nap, ensuring that everything was turned off before leaving.

  About an hour after they left mum was awoken by the smell of something burning, it was a nasty smell that had a hint of something rotten. She immediately woke dad up and as soon as they came out of their room they were choked by the smoke that had filled the entire house. Sensing that something was wrong Cleo found my parents and guided them out of the burning house where they almost passed out from inhaling to much carbon monoxide. When dad could breath properly again he called Chase and Jolene and then called me, we all rushed home within 5 minutes.

"Are you guys alright?" I said as I ran to my parents and hugged them, making sure they were okay.

  We all just stood there watching the flames engulf the house, none of us could believe what was happening.  By the time the fire department arrived you could barely see our house through the flames and smoke. All of us began screaming and yelling at them because it had taken so long for them to get there.

  By the time they were able to extinguish all of the flames it was dark out and mum was the first one to burst into tears at the sight of the still smoking house. She had poured her heart and soul into our house and now it was all gone.

"Ma'am, are you okay?" One of the firefighters asked as he came up to us "Does anybody need me to call an ambulance to take you to the hospital?"

"No we don't!" Dad yelled "But what the hell took you guys so long to get here? We have no home now!!"

"I'm very sorry about this sir," Another firefighter said joining us "I'm also sorry that I have more bad news for you guys."

"What could be worse than this?" I demanded to know as I pointed to the house, taking charge of the situation as the heir.

"After doing a thorough inspection of the damage, the house, and the property we have unfortunately found that this property is now a hazardous piece of land."

"Meaning?" I said as I shook my head.

"Meaning that you and your family cannot rebuild your house here, you will not be able to live on this property again. We were able to save a few items from the house, they have been placed in a box next to your mailbox. I really am very sorry."


  With the images of two nights ago still fresh in our heads we tried to come together to form a decision while we stayed at a really crappy, cheap motel. Earlier that morning I had gone through the box of things the firefighters were able to save and after seeing a couple of Chase's belongings in there I saw something that nearly stopped my heart. My trophies from school were in there which was fine but to my surprise everything that I got from Colton or took with Colton were in the box. How could that be that these things were the only things saved from my bedroom except for my trophies. My Marilyn Monroe picture didn't even make it through the fire and most of these things were right next to that picture, what could these mean? Extremely confused I put everything back in the box and went to sit with my family again. While Chase and Jolene took care of Raelyn, I went to a cafe near by with mum and dad so we could take some more.

"I know we are all in a state of shock over what happened the other night," Mum said "But we really need to figure out what we are going to do and very soon. We all need to get out of that crappy motel, especially little Raelyn, that is no place for her to be staying. It's not good for her, or any of us, and she needs a real home to grow up in while Chase and Jolene keep saving money for their own house."

"I agree with you Haley, and Lexi," Dad said looking at me "This decision is completely up to you. We can all voice our opinions on what we should do but in the end it matters what you think we should do."

"Well, as you know I met with our lawyer yesterday, mostly to get the property out of our names since we can't go back. But he also helped me go through our savings and what we got back from our home owners insurance," I said pausing for a moment "I would love to start focusing on my music career and get my foot in the door to becoming a vocal legend and there is only one place that is the best place to do that."

  Before I could go on Dad interrupted me and told me to hold that thought until we could get back to the motel, that way Chase and Jolene could hear my decision as well. After saying what I ahd said to mum and dad just a few minutes ago I got down to business.

"So...what do you guys think about moving out to Starlight Shores?"

  Apparently everyone loved the idea because they instantly agreed and we began making plans, placing phone calls, and packing what little we had in preparation of our huge move.

Chapter 8.7 - A Beautiful Surprise

  We couldn't believe that Brielle had actually moved out, where would she even go? I felt bad that we had all gotten into a fight but what we said to her was the truth whether she wanted to admit it or not. There was a not on the front door from her when we got home.

  Haley and Luca,
      I feel completely humiliated that you guys of all people would talk to me the way you did. I do not regret anything I said either because it is all true. If you want an heir that is going to spend all of your hard earned money in expensive stores and on trips to the salon then so be it but I don't want any part of it.
     I am moving far away from this crappy town and far away from our delusional family. I am NOT telling any of you where I am moving too either because I refuse to have you guys come running to me when dumb ass Lexi runs you guys into the dirt with debt.

     P.S. BTW, Roxy is coming with me because I will not have my cat on the street when you guys get evicted and are forced to live on the streets.

  Luca, Lexi, and I were talking about Brielle's note as we walked into the living room and saw Chase and Jolene (we assumed) sitting on the couch anxiously waiting for us.

"Why are you two here?" Luca demanded, still ticked off at how Chase had thrown away his life.

"Mum, dad, I wanted to introduce the two of you to my wife, Jolene."

"Hello Mr and Mrs Abruzzi," Jolene said very shyly and looking just a bit ashamed.

"Hello Jolene," I said noticing that she did NOT look like she was 7 months pregnant "Why does she look like she is going to burst into tears?"

"Her parents kicked her out last night, we spent most of the night at the hospital because..."

"They had every right to, you guys have been so irresponsible!" Luca said rather loudly.

"Well, we are staying here for now because we have a good reason but don't worry we will be gone in a month. Now what I was trying to say is we had to spend all night in the hospital because all of this drama was stressing Jolene out and she was getting bad pains in her abdomen." Chase said stopping for a moment "After 11 hours we were finally released from the hospital. If you would, please, come up to my...our room we would like to introduce you both to your granddaughter and Lexi your niece."

  Luca and I were hesitant at first but we eventually followed everyone upstairs. The instant we laid eyes on our beautiful granddaughter we fell in love.

"The doctor said that she will always be on the smaller side because she was delivered so early but other than that she is completely healthy." Chase said with a smile.

"She's beautiful," Luca said smiling at the little girl "What is her name?

"Raelyn," Jolene said with a smile when suddenly Raelyn began crying "She is probably hungry now, would you excuse us please?"

  Luca, Lexi, Chase, and I left Jolene and Raelyn alone and went back downstairs.

"I know you guys don't approve of how quickly my life has changed but I want you guys to see how happy I am," Chase said "Also, I talked to the couch from the Llamas team and explained my situation and they are more than willing to work with me."

"That's good to hear Chase, Luca said with a smile "I know we were harsh on you in Venice and said things that we shouldn't have said but we are just worried about you and it was a lot to take in at one time."

"I completely understand that dad, we are just happy that you guys are talking to us. By the way, who did you guys choose and where is Brielle? I didn't hear her at all when you guys got here."

"We chose Lexi and as far as Brielle is concerned read this," I said handing Chase the letter "Then imagine those words on a harsher scale and said out loud."

"Wow," Chase said after he read the letter, then he looked at Lexi "I know you probably already heard this but don't listen to Brielle. You are a very talented person and ambitious. I know that if you work as hard as you possibly can and stay away from any and all bad influences you will be just as amazing as you are now/ Don't let one person discourage you from what you want in life. As far as our family funds go, you are way to responsible to spend it all or to run this family into the ground! Don't you ever forget that and always remember that we are always here for you if you ever need anything!"

  This made Lexi tear up a bit because she needed to hear this from one of her siblings and not just Luca and I. After wiping her tears away Chase gave Lexi a hug and told her that it was all going to be fine.

  The next week Luca and I took Lexi to meet with our lawyer. We had a ton of paperwork to go over and sign but when we were done everything was in Lexi's name and it was now up to her to take responsibility and control everything.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chapter 8.6 - Life Changing News

  We have been in Venice for a week now and it has defiantly been a great experience for the kids. They have seen so many sites, enjoyed food they have never had before, and learned about a new culture. Although this was not the main reason why we brought them here and it was time to get to that point before it was too late.

  That evening I made a rather big meal since this was a celebration, at least for Luca and I. I made Ratatouille, Shrimp Cocktail, a Cheese Plate, and an Olive Platter. While we ate we talked about our adventures and Brielle actually talked to us and told us about the Art Museum.

  After I did the dishes Luca and I sat down with the kids in the backyard to talk.

"Alright you guys," Luca said breaking the silence "I know we have all had a lot of fun this past week but we came here for a much bigger reason."

"In just a few days your father and I will become elders and a lot of responsibilities will have to change. As you know my parents, your Nonna and Nonno, left your father and I this house in their will along with $30,000 to help us with bills and such."

"Mum, dad...."Brielle interrupted "What is this about?"

"Well, we want to make sure you guys are taken care of and that we make the right decision when it comes down to who will take responsibility of money, both houses, and everything."

"Ummm....mum, dad," Chase said seeming to be panicking "I'm sorry to interrupt you guys but I need to tell you guys something before you go any further. It is extremely important and I cannot wait any longer, my nerves are shot from keeping this all in."

"Chase, what's wrong son?"

"I really should have told you guys this months ago but...ummm...ugh...Jolene and I are having a baby. She is just over 7 months pregnant now."


  Not a single word was said, everyone of us stared at Chase for what seemed like forever. Brielle and Lexi looked at their father and I, waiting for us to explode, noticing our faces becoming red with anger. Right as Luca was about to say something Chase began again.

"There is more," He said, Luca and I glanced at each other "I proposed to Jolene and the day before we came to Venice Jolene and I went to Bridgeport and eloped. That is why I missed school and was late for work."

Flashback Again

"What in the hell is wrong with you Chase?!" Luca shouted in anger getting up "How could you throw your life away like this?"

"I didn't throw anything away and besides we love each other very much!" Chase said getting up to.

"What were you thinking Chase? This is not like you at all, we raised you better than this!" I said breaking down in tears "You just graduated, you are leaving for training camp in a week and a half!"

"You know what, just because Jolene and I are going to have a baby and we got married so young does not mean I cannot still be an athlete and provide for my family at the same time!"

  Sick of the drama Chase got up and left for the airport, he was sick of the arguing and wanted to be at home with his pregnant wife. We couldn't trust Chase to handle our legacy because of all the dumb decisions he was constantly making so now we were left with Brielle and Lexi.

"We still need to finish this discussion," Luca said "Your brother is obviously not going to take over everything, he has made to many bad decisions."

"Yes we do," I said calming down a little bit "Now Brielle the only thing that worries us about making you the heir and having you take over everything is you have made it very clear that you are a loner. In order for you to carry on our family legacy you need to get over that and meet someone and have your own children. We are worried that this will probably never happen."

  Luca nodded when I said this but Brielle just rolled her eyes. When I looked at Luca I knew he saw what she did and after looking back at me our decision was final.

"You know this is not an easy decision at all for us but after the reactions we have gotten tonight it is very easy for us." Luca said."

"A lot easier" I said "Lexi after much discussion with your father over the past month your father and I have decided that you are the next heir to the Abruzzi Legacy."

"BULLSHIT!!" Brielle said jumping up "That is such bullshit!! I am the only level headed person here. Yea, I may be a loner but that doesn't mean squat! The first chance she gets all of our money will be flushed down the toilet for materialistic crap! Unlike me she doesn't even have a realistic dream!"

  Lexi kept staring at her sister and on the verge of tears, of course Brielle noticed this.

"Yea, cry like a little baby Lexi," Brielle said stepping closer to her "Becoming a famous singer, what a big dream. Ha! Yea, right, you are going to fail so bad and don't you DARE come running to me when you do. I will just laugh at you and slam the door in your fake pathetic face! I am out of here, don't expect me to be home when you get back. I will be long gone!!"

  With that Brielle charged upstairs, pack her stuff and left for the airport as well leaving us with our jaws on the floor.

"Lexi," Luca said, Lexi looked at him wiping her tears away "Don't listen to what she said. You are very responsible and we know that we made the right decision. Also, you have an amazing talent and dream and I don't want anyone to tell you otherwise. You try your hardest and you can accomplish those dreams no matter what anyone says."

"I understand daddy," Lexi said, smiling a little at her dads encouraging words "It just hurt to hear my own sister say those awful things."

  With all the excitement and drama of the day we all decided that it would be best to just go home the next morning since our trip was shot at this point anyways. When we got home reality really set in. Brielle did move out and Chase and Jolene were sitting in the living room but our new reality was just beginning.