Friday, June 29, 2012

Chapter 10.5 - My Love

  Anika, Kayla, my parents, and I spent a week on a train to get back to Starlight Shores. It was a long, tiring week but it would have been to much if they had tried to teleport us all back and this way no one would question how we suddenly got back. While we were on the train I used the magic ointment on my parents wounds, fed them a lot to help them get some meat on their bones, and we all changed our clothes.

  When we finally arrived in Starlight Shores, Kayla took my parents home and Anika came with me to Colton's house. I was so nervous, it had been almost a year and half since we had been together, and I didn't think I would be able to talk to him alone. We stood in front of his house for a few minutes before I finally pounded on the door. Colton opened the door a moment later and just stood there in shock.

"Le...Lexi?" Colton said, stammering until I gave him a huge hug and began crying "Are you alright? How did you escape?"

"I'm...okay I guess. We killed Ricardo...sort of."

"We?" Colton asked before looking behind me "You! You were at the cabin!"

"It's okay Colton, she helped me escape and Kayla did too."

"Colton, if we can go inside we can explain everything," Anika said.

  We went into the living room and I was instantly entangled in hugs from Nick, Ino, and Loka. They couldn't believe that I was actually there. Once they let go of me we all sat down and Anika and I explained everything to them...except me being raped and now pregnant. I wanted to talk to Colton about that alone.

 "Lexi, you are such a bad ass!" Loka said when we told them about me stabbing Ricardo "That was so brave of you!"

"So, this Calypso lady is suppose to be able to help you?" Nick asked me.

"Yes, I guess she has a lot of information for me that will help untangle this web of craziness," I answered.

"But we will have to have Haley and even Luca help us in finding her," Anika said.

"Ummm...Colton, I have something else I need to tell you but in private."

  Colton and I went upstairs to his room to be alone.

"Oh Lexi, you have no idea how happy I am that you are finally here!" Colton said, pulling me into another hug and kiss.

"Colton," I said, pulling away still feeling a little uneasy about anything to do with intimacy "You wont want to do that after I tell you this."

"What in the world could be that bad?"

  I felt even more uneasy and tears began forming in my eyes as I explained what Ricardo did to me.

"and...and now i'm pregnant," I said bursting into tears again.

  Colton looked beyond outraged and began swearing and yelling.

"That bastard raped you?! What kind of monster would do that? I will kill him...well bring him back to life and then torture him and kill him again!"

"I'm so sorry Colton. I understand if you don't want to be with me anymore."

"Lexi," Colton said sitting on the ground with me and pulling me close "Of course I want to be with you! Just because the baby isn't mine doesn't mean anything, we will get through this together. I swear to Watcher that you will not go through this alone and I will help raise this baby as my own. I will always be here, I love you so much!"

"Oh hon, I love you to!" I said, hugging Colton.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chapter 10.4 - Finally

"Lexi, I am not sure how to tell you this," Anika said "You're...pregnant."

"What? No...are you positive?"

"Yes, i'm so sorry hun. You are almost 2 weeks along."

"We need to get you out of here and soon! If Ricardo finds out he will teach the child to be just like him, even from birth," Kayla said.

  My eyes bugged out, I couldn't believe just couldn't be! I only wanted babies with Colton, NOT some nasty, controlling pig! How would I even explain this to Colton? Since I don't believe in abortion, Colton would either have to accept this or just move on with his life....if he hasn't already.

  Ricardo went out later that night to hunt, probably poor humans. So we began to plan our escape, all three of us were defiantly escaping together!


"Okay, everything is finally done, it only took a month and a half." Kayla said "We need to do this tonight!

"I agree, you will defiantly be showing a baby bump soon instead of looking a little bloated," Anika added "He cannot find out!"

"Okay, all of our supplies are under my bed."

  Later in the evening Ricardo, Anika, and Kayla had their usual raw steaks for dinner and I enjoyed some pasta and garlic bread.

  Then Ricardo went to the living room and poured a glass of whiskey for himself. We pretended that the girls were going to lock me in my cell, when in reality we came to my room for our supplies.

  We all changed quickly before grabbing the things we needed, mostly it was the girls guns and my knife, already covered in ash.

  As Kayla and Anika walked into the living room, guns drawn, I stood to the side of the doorway waiting for my moment.

"What the hell do you girls think you're doing?" Ricardo said in shock as the girls stepped in front of him "Put those away now."

"No Ricardo, that's not going to happen," Kayla said, pointing the gun at Ricardos heart "We are done putting up with you and all the crap that revolves around you!"

"You dare to challenge me?!" Ricardo asked, grinning as he dropped his glass to the floor.

  Within seconds they were all fighting like I don't know what. Throwing each other across the room, breaking almost everything in their path. I was beginning to worry until I heard gun shots and saw Ricardo fall onto the coffee table, swearing and yelling in pain.

"Lexi, NOW!" Anika yelled

  I bolted forward and jammed the knife as hard as I could into Ricardos chest. I was amazed with myself that I actually had the courage to do this.

"Good job." I thought to myself, as I watched Ricardo twitching in pain until he eventually stopped breathing.

  We laid Ricardo on a coffin, deep within a tomb surrounded by silver bars, before running out of the house with my parents. We needed to get back to Starlight Shores and fast!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chapter 10.3 - Unexpected Help

  When I awoke the next morning I was tangled in my sheets and very sore and tired. I tried so hard to remember the events from the previous night but I couldn't seem to remember anything after the moment Ricardo came in my room. It was so strange and I was so confused.

  As I woke more and looked around I noticed that someone had left me a plate of crepes for breakfast on a new table in my room. I smiled as I ate, thinking that Kayla had left this for me since she was being so nice, until I saw the note.

  Last night was great. It has been a long time since I have been with a human, especially one as hot as you. I look forward to spending more nights like that together and spending everyday for the rest of your life since you will not be leaving here ever.

  I suddenly felt sick after reading this, there was no way I would be spending the rest of my life here, especially with a sick bastard like him. Reading that note reminded me of what had happened last night and I ran to the bathroom and threw up.

   Once I cleaned up a bit I just sat next to the bathtub and thought about what had happened. Ricardo was in for a rude awakening if he thought that I would just go along with this.

  I eventually got up and picked out some different clothes from the closet. After I got dressed I listened at the bars for a moment before taking Kayla's box into the bathroom. I used some of the magic ointment on my face and hands first. It smelled like coconuts and felt so refreshing, plus it healed my face instantly. Then I put on the necklace, some of the new make-up, and then re-did my hair.

  After I finally looked somewhat like my old self again, I quickly looked through the escape items. There was a map of the grounds, a floor plan of the house, a gun with silver bullets, and a bottle of...dust? I put everything back in the box and under my bed before laying down. I still didn't feel so good.



  I slowly opend my eyes and saw Kayla and Anika standing at the foot of my bed, staring at me.

"Lexi, are you alright?" Kayla asked.

"Yea, I just wasn't feeling good earlier, so I laid down. Why?"

"You have been asleep for almost 2 weeks, that's why!" Anika said sounding concerned.

"What!?" I said sitting up a little too quickly, causing my stomach to turn again.

"Easy Lexi," Kayla said when she saw my face become paler than normal. "I am so sorry, we know what Ricardo did to you. We walked in on him more than once while you were passed out. We think he may have slipped you a knock out drink while you were just asleep one night. We are completely disgusted over what he did, it is so wrong!"

"He is such a pig!" Anika said "I know what Kayla told you. We are all going to escape Ricardo's grasp together!"

"But he will kill you!"

"Not if we kill him first! Sneaky like so he wont be expecting anything," Anika said with a big grin.

"That knife you found plus the bottle of ash I gave you will do the trick," Kayla said "at least for now."

"How is that?" I asked, confused

"Ricardo along with his family are all Originals. That ash is the only thing that can kill them. But the knife, or whatever is used with the ash, has to stay in them for them to remain...well dead."

"There is one small catch though. Only a human can stab an Original with this ash. So we need you to do it because if we do we will do instantly."

"Okay, lets do it!" I said, not caring that I was the one that had to stab him. I just wanted out of here!

"Lexi, I have something I need to say real quick," Anika said, looking upset "I am so sorry for how I treated you. I just didn't want Ricardo to know I wanted out."

"It's okay Anika, I understand. Kayla explained everything to me, I forgive you."

  Suddenly I felt sick once again and ran to the bathroom to throw up. What the hell was wrong with me?

"Lexi, what's wrong?" Kayla asked me when I rejoined them.

"I dunno, I still feel sick. That is the second time I have thrown up," I said feeling a bit weak.

"Oh no," Anika said with a look of horror on her face "Lexi, may I do something real quick?"

  I nodded and Anika took my hands, closed her eyes, and began concentrating.

"I thought so," Anika said, her eyes snapping open.

"What? What's wrong with me?"

Author's Note:
 Sorry about the change of clothes the last time Lexi ran to the bathroom. *shakes head* Silly girl didn't need to change.