Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 9.4 - Club Afterlife

"Damn Lexi! Look at you!" Colton said in shock as I walked up to him outside the club. I didn't say anything at first, just smiled as I watched the reaction I knew I would get from him.

"Hi Colton," was all I could say at first but at the same time I was thinking "Gosh, he is looking fine tonight! He is playing the same game I am. This is going to be an interesting night!"

"Upstairs or downstairs?" The bouncer asked us in a gruff, mean voice.

"Downstairs," Colton said, grinning at me as he handed the bouncer a $100 bill. We could already tell that downstairs was the VIP section from the intense music that was making it's way up the stairs.

  We made our way slowly down the stairs, it was nearly pitch black and the only light shining very little on the stairs was the ember glow of fire at the bottom of the stairs. Walking through the gothic archway, the VIP area was a sight to see! It was dark in this room as well with the exception of various lights throughout the room that was either a flame or blood red in color. The plush seats were all the same blood red color as the lighting. Music was beating with deep bass from every corner of the club and the flames from various areas of the room seemed to beat with the music every time the bass hit.

"How about we get a few drinks first?" Colton said, trying to talk loud over the music. I nodded and we headed to the bar.

"What can I get you two?" The bartender asked as we sat down.

"I'll have..." I said looking at their drink list "A Melted Snowman."

"Are you sure?" The bartender asked, his eyes widening "That's one of our strongest drinks....yes, okay and for you?"

"I was going to have a beer but I will have what she is having," Colton said smiling at me again.

We watched the bartender make our drinks and then bring over two tall glasses of this strange purplish liquid that had blue tints throughout it and they had a slight foggy effect like there was a teeny tiny fog machine inside of them (I laughed to myself as I pictured this.) The drinks were incredibly strong but really good! We ordered two more each before finally deciding to hit the dance floor.

  At first we didn't dance to close to each other but you could still tell that we were "together." As the music went on and we danced like no tomorrow we got closer and closer until we were literally right on top of each other. We were both really getting into the music...and each other!

  As I turned back around to face Colton again he pulled me closer and kissed me with more passion than I have ever known and we didn't stop for a long while.

"Lets get out of here," Colton said out of breath and in between kisses.

  I nodded my head as we walked rather quickly out of the club and to our cars, constantly stopping and kissing.

"Follow me to my house," He said before we got in our cars.

  When we got to his house and up to his room things quickly heated up and it was the best night of my life!


  The next morning I woke up tangled in the sheets with a terrible pounding headache. I had never drank so much that I had a hang over the next morning.  Recalling the previous nights events I looked for Colton but did not see him anywhere in his room, so I went to his bathroom to wash my face, I looked terrible. I noticed a shirt of his in his bathroom so I quickly put it on. I didn't know if he had roommates or not and if he did I did not want them to see me walking around in my underwear.

  Afterwards I followed the delicious aroma of coffee downstairs to the kitchen where I finally found Colton and he was...making breakfast! My dad and brother never cooked a single meal so this was new to me.

"Morning beautiful," He said giving me a kiss and handing me a fresh cup of hot coffee "Breakfast is almost ready."

  I sat down and drank my coffee with a slight grin on my face. I knew that what happened the night before could not be a one time thing and I knew that this is what I wanted, I wanted to be back with Colton.

  After breakfast I used Coltons bathroom again to shower and then I threw on a pair of shorts and a different shirt of his I found in his room.

"I see i'm not the only one that likes that shirt," He said walking in wearing just jeans and tennis shoes.

"I'm sorry," I said blushing a little "Do you want it back now?"

"No, it's okay. But Lexi I do want you back. Please say you will be my girl again. I don't want to be without you, I never have."

"You read my mind Colton," I said embracing him "Of course, my answer is yes!"

  After kissing some more I headed home, mum and dad must be worried about me!

Chapter 9.3 - Finally Some Closure

"Hello? Yes," I said answering a call from another number I did not recognize.

"Hello Lexi, my name is Sonya Peterson."

"Sonya Peterson! Wow! I'm sorry I am just shocked that you are calling me!"

"It's okay," She said with a chuckle "I was calling because I saw those beautiful print ads that Elite Modeling did and after talking with Francesco I learned that you do not have an agent yet. Is this true?'

"Yes ma'am it is, should I have one already?"

"Yes, it is very important to have an agent if you want to make it in this town. Would you mind coming in to talk, maybe we can strike a deal?"

"Defiantly! When?"

"How about this Friday evening...say 5 p.m.?"

"Sounds perfect, thank you so much Sonya!"

  After hanging up I excitedly went to check the mail. By now my photos should be here, it had been almost 3 weeks. As I flipped through the mail I finally saw what I had been waiting for. I ripped open the envelope and looked through the photos, they were outstanding! Especially the main print ad they were putting out. I hung up a couple of the photos in my studio and then put the rest into a portfolio, never know when I might need them.

  All week I was doing sing-a-gram after sing-a-gram, everyone wanted me after my posters and print ads came out. I was so busy all week that I had to quit working at the bar, I didn't need the extra money anymore with back to back sing-a-grams.

  It was finally the day of my interview with Sonya and I was so excited. I anxiously got ready and headed over to her office.

"Lexi, thank you for coming! Please have a seat," She said warmly.

"Of course but I should be thanking you for even wanting to call me."

"I see a lot of promise in you. You're stunning, you're voice is amazing, and you have quite a group of followers already. It will still take a lot of hard work to get you to the top but, if you agree, I would love to be your agent. All of your gigs would go through me and I would also become your promoter. Stick with me darling and we...I mean you will be bathing in money in no time."

"Fantastic Sonya! Yes, I would be honored to have you as my agent!"

  Sonya and I went over my contract and I signed everything. Looking at all the Double and Triple Platinum records hanging in her office made me even more excited. This is just what I needed to bring my career to the next level and I couldn't wait to start! Later that evening Colton called me and we decided to meet at Starbucks at 9 the next morning.

**quick note, I know she has the same "interview clothes**

At exactly 9 a.m. I was at Starbucks, I hadn't seen him yet so I ordered a Chai Latte no foam and sat down at one of the outside tables.  I wasn't exactly sure how this was going to go, I had my doubts but at the same time I was trying to be positive, I just wanted answers. I did what I could this morning to look decent, I wanted him to see what he had giving up but at the same time I was hoping to look good enough for him to want me back.

Just a few minutes later Colton arrived, looking like a true rocker, and sat down next to me.

                                                             (**ugh, terrible pic**)

"Thank you for showing up Lexi," He said nervous but still smiling.

"I told you I would," I said before taking another drink.

"Look, I know this is awkward for the both of us but I have things to say. I'm sorry about our break-up and for not telling you about the move sooner. Like I said then, I had no idea how to tell you, mostly because I did not want to see the look of hatred in your eyes like you did that night, I didn't want to hurt you." He said pausing to take a second long break.

"We were so in love and I didn't want to have to leave you, ever, but I was forced too. My mum made me come out here because she was sick of hearing me play my music and she said that I had to be away from you, to get my priorities straight because according to her we were to young to really know what love meant. Again Lexi, from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry and I would take it all back if I could!" Colton said looking almost defeated, he was being 100% sincere and I was truly touched by his honesty.

"Colton...I...I don't know what to say. Thank you for answering my questions before I could even ask them. It truly means a lot....I forgive you, I really do!" I said finally smiling at him.

  We actually sat there and talked for a couple hours, it was nice, reminded me of old times. We even joked around, laughed, and smiled, it was great!

  Colton asked me if I would want to get together that night around 8 p.m., which I said yes of course. A new club had just opened on the strip and it was something we were both interested in checking out.

"Thank you for this Colton, it was great catching up!" I said as we both got up "I will meet you at Club Afterlife at 8."

"I can't wait Lexi, see you then," He said with a smile and walked to his car."

  On my way home I decided to make a quick stop at the store. After browsing through a ton of clothes I found the perfect outfit for tonight. I looked smoking hot in the outfit and not like some slut that you see constantly walking around.

"What can I say?" I thought to myself with a giggle "I am a total tease when it comes to Colton. Besides I miss him so much!"

  When I got home it was about 4 p.m., I guess I was in the store longer than I had intended. I put my new outfit in my room and then went downstairs to the kitchen to cook dinner for mum and dad.

"What smells so good Lexi?" Dad said as he and mum walked into the kitchen.

"Stir-fry daddy, it's just about done."

"It looks great," Dad said sitting down with mum.

"Do you have any plans tonight Lexi?" Mum asked me.

"Actually I do, Colton asked me to go check out a new club with him that we are both interested in."

"Oooooh, a little date action huh?" Dad said teasing me.

"No, not that daddy. We are just hanging out, that's all. Even though he explained himself and he apologized, i'm not sure I ready to step past the friend zone quite yet," I said as I placed their plates of stir-fry in front of them.

"Mhm," Mum said eying me as she took a bite. She knew that was a lie because I had never gotten over him, to me he is my soul mate. "Just be careful and make sure you have lots of fun! You deserve a night of fun after how hard you have been working lately."

"I will mum, I said as I looked at the clock "I am going to go shower and then do my hair and make-up. Don't worry about the dishes I will do them before I leave."

After getting my hair and make-up exactly how I wanted it I ran downstairs to do the dishes quickly. Then I hugged mum and dad since they were headed to bed (even though it was only 6:30.)

"Night you guys, see you in the morning. I love you!"

  Finally it was time for me to put on the outfit I bought and head out. I checked myself out one last time in the mirror before going downstairs and hopping in the car.

"Wow! Colton is going to die when he sees me tonight!" I thought to myself with a big grin.