Abruzzi Downloads

Welcome to the Abruzzi Downloads page, this is where you can find links to downloads for items that are in my legacy. I will be placing Sims, Pets, and maybe even houses here for sharing. Please do NOT use my creations in any stories, legacies, or movies without asking me first. Do not re-upload my creations to any site and do not claim my creations as your own. I have had this happen to many times in the past and if I see this happen again I will take this downloads page down.

NOTE: A good portion of my uploads contain CC and/or store items. I have attempted to make the uploaded version user-friendly (and most Sims have content from the Base Game), however; if you do not want the CC in your game, I encourage you to use Delphy's Custard on the file before installing them.You can find that tool here: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=390235.

No Sims available for download yet

No Pets available for download at this time

No Lots available for download at this time

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