Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chapter 7.4 - Gone

  Our wedding went off without any problems and everything was just perfect. We decided to postpone our honeymoon since my parents had 3 doctors coming up the following week, so we had our own honeymoon in our room all weekend.

  The next day Luca came with us to my parents first appointment and after just a few tests their doctor said that they both needed to go over to the hospital to get some more thorough tests done but those results wouldn't be in for at least 2 days. So Luca and I waited on pins and needles for the next two days waiting for those results to come in.

  Less than 48 hours later the doctor called and told us that my parents would need to be admitted into the hospital that night for more tests and to undergo heart surgery. Mums coronary artery was 90% blocked and dad's was 93% blocked. They were both going to have stents put in in 4 days but they both needed to have Angioplasty's done the next morning. I stayed with my parents over the next few days even though Luca tried to get me to go home to get some rest and eat I refused to leave their side.

  As I was sitting next to my mum Wednesday night her heart monitor began to go off, beeping like crazy. As the doctors came rushing in my dad's machines began to go off. I began to freak out as Luca rushed to my side.

"Please, get her out of here," One of the doctors yelled to Luca, "Go to the waiting room, we will come get you!"

  15 minutes later one of the doctors came into the waiting room.

"Mrs Abruzzi," He said as I instantly got up, "I am so sorry, we did everything we could to revive your parents but they didn't make it through."

  Hearing this made me feel sick and I ended up passing out.

  When I woke up I was laying in a hospital bed with an IV hooked to my arm. Frantic I asked Luca what was going on as i tried to get up, pulling at the IV.

"No, please stay there," The doctor said as he came to the end of the bed.

"What is going on? First you tell me that my parents are gone and now I am laying in this bed?"

"Mrs Abruzzi we had to bring you in here because you passed out and we needed to make sure you didn't have a concussion. When was the last time you had anything to eat or drink?"

"I...I don't remember."

"Well, you have to have something. As soon as you eat and drink something and the color comes back to your skin you will be allowed to leave. I advise that you make an appointment with your regular doctor soon for a check up to make sure nothing is wrong."

  When we got home I immediately laid down, I couldn't believe what had happened today. Luca took Shiba for walk since I wanted to be left alone, I didn't want to talk or do anything at all. By the time they got home I was in bed.

  Two days later we buried my parents.

*Authors Note - I chose this song for this chapter because it is one of a few songs dedicated to my Nonno that passed away 6 years ago. I love you Nonno, RIP. *

Chapter 7.3 - The Wedding

Chapter 7.2 - Proposal

  It was almost noon and I was standing in my closet trying to find the perfect outfit to wear today. I had managed to do my hair and make-up without much fuss but clothes were another story. Luca and I  were going on a date today and he asked me to wear something nice but not formal. There was something about the tone in his voice but I couldn't figure it out. I finally decided on a pink button up half sleeve shirt, shorts, and a new pair of sneakers.

  After Luca picked me up we took a long walk along the beach with Shiba, something we had not been able to do in a long time.

  Then we picked a nice spot on the beach, laid out a blanket, and had a picnic, chatting the whole time.

  When we packed everything up Luca gave me a bouquet of red roses, they were so pretty and smelled so good! I noticed that he looked a little nervous and was fidgeting.

"Are you alright Luca?" I asked worried about him.

"Haley I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and I was never sure how to do it. I love you so much and through everything we have been through I have realized this more and more. I can't imagine my life without you and I don't want it to be that way, ever. What i am trying to say is..." Luca said before stopping, taking something out of his pocket, and kneeling down, "Haley would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

  Throwing my hands up to my face I was in shock, I couldn't believe this.

"Yes Luca! Yes yes!" I was so giddy with excitement, I jumped a couple times before he was able to put the ring on my finger and then he surrounded him with a huge hug.

  Then we sat on the ground, Shiba just behind us, and we watched the stars for a long time.

  The next morning after breakfast I announced our engagement to my parents.

"We are so happy for you two," My mum said smiling "But we did know about this a couple days ago."

"You did?" I said glancing at Luca.

"Yes we did," My dad said "Luca came to us a couple days ago, he wanted out blessing before asking you. We couldn't be happier for the two of you but you must do something for us because we are not changing our minds."

"What is it dad?"

"We want to pay for your wedding. From the flowers, to the dress, to the venue, everything."

"Oh Mr Abruzzi we can't accept that..."

"Please Haley and Luca," My mum said interrupting Luca "Let us do this, we have missed so many years with you Haley and this is the least we could do."

  We talked a lot more and finally agreed to let them pay for the wedding. While Luca and my dad chatted, my mum and I started planning the wedding. there was A LOT to do!


  With out wedding just two days away Luca and I were excited and we were all working on last minute wedding preparations. I had my final dress fitting and Luca had picked up his tux and the outfits my parents were going to wear.

  After being aggravated by our friends Luca and I finally decided we would go ahead and have one last night out before getting married. Neither of us wanted a bachelor/bachelorette party  but we went anyways. I finally put on the outfit my friends gave me even though it was a little skanky looking, fixed my hair and make-up and then headed to the Higher Lounge for my party (a new exclusive lounge in Appaloosa, their first high rise building.)

  My bachelorette party was actually a lot of fun. We danced, had drinks, joked around, and talked.

 I had just gone to the bar to get another drink and when I turned around I saw a strangely dressed person coming in. next thing I knew he had walked right up to me and spun me around, next thing I knew I was in a different outfit with flames on it.

 "Is this party on fire? It is now!" he said

  I looked over at my friends who were all snickering before changing into my party clothes, i couldn't believe they hired a party dancer! How embarrassing!

  After dancing for hours I was getting tired, time to go home. Hopefully Luca had as much fun as I did!


Luca's Bachelor Party