Monday, March 31, 2014

Chapter 11.9 - Summers End

"There is something else I need to talk to you about," Silvana said, as we all sat in a private car of a train. Unsure where we were headed but didn't really care right now. "I understand that your family has moved a lot through the years and they have always longed for a permanent home. Moonlight Falls should have been that place but it isn't and none of us will ever be able to go back gain."

"Huh?" I said, unsure I heard her right "Why is that? That is our home, such a nice place?"

"There is no Moonlight Falls anymore," Nick responded "After Ricardo and Kore disappeared they went there. They raided your home and every other building there, searching for anything relating to your family. When nothing could be found he had the entire city destroyed. Everything and everyone is gone."

"Due to my connection with Ricardo being restored I am able to see everything he is going to do or is planning to do," Silvana said, before adding "I have put up a shield though to block him from seeing into my mind. Now, i'm sure you are curious where we are going. There is a place called Isla Paradiso and we are having a brand new home built there for you. This place is sunny, tropical, very friendly, and one place Ricardo will never be able to go due to the multiple shields that I have placed around every inch of it."

  We thanked them but honestly we didn't care to much right now, we were still very upset about Ando. Thankfully the kids were still on break and wouldn't be missing any school and for now we were not expecting them to find jobs. After getting us settled into an apartment until our house was done, Nick left to be with friends. They were working on a way to free the slaves from the Underworld. Silvana had promised to stay with us and help us through our mourning time. But after 3 months she couldn't take it anymore. We never left the apartment, never met anyone, nothing. We just couldn't get over Ando. She had to get us out of this apartment, get us to meet people, and socialize. She made us clean up and get into the car. She knew where to take us to close out the summer.

"Seasonal festivals are a tradition here. At the end of the summer everyone is off work for Leisure Day. Lots of yummy food, a skating rink, soccer, contests, and laying in the sun before watching fireworks darting across the night sky." Silvana said, as we entered the park, trying to get us excited but then gave up and watched from afar.

  Mira and Mika eventually began having fun, after walking around and not seeing anyone their age. They played soccer for awhile before deciding to take part in the hot dog eating contest.

"You want to enter an eating contest? That's surprising!" Mika said, trying not to laugh.

"Sure, why not?" Mira said "It sounds like fun."

"Okay lets go but your gonna loose."

"We'll see."

  It was more food than Mira and Mika had ever had at one time and they both pushed through it. But in the end Mira won and walked away with the bragging rights.

"That was fun," Mika said, after collecting his tickets.

"Yea it was but I don't want to see anymore hot dogs for a long time," Mira said laughing.

  After skating for awhile they got some ice cream. Colton and I had enjoyed some really good ice cream and skated around. Then we took a family photo, had a water balloon fight, watched the fireworks and then headed home.

We were tired from such a long day but we were all in a much better mood. We went to bed happy and slept all night long, the first time in 3 months.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Quick Update

I have finally rebuilt the Abruzzi's home (as far as it will go for now.) So i can finally work on a new chapter. I am going to try to get it out tonight but if not I will have it up on Monday. :D

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