Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm Back!!!

Hello my wonderful followers,
  So first I want to apologize for being gone for such a long time! Over the past couple years I have had a lot of major real life issues to deal with and they took up nearly all of my time. Most of these issues are over with but there is still one that is going on and will be for awhile (even though I wish it was over.) Since a majority of this stuff is over I can get back to two things I love doing: simming and continuing the Abruzzi Legacy!! :)

  I do have a downside to this at the moment though. I lost every single sims file on my computer when it decided to die (took 4 months to get it working again.) I am currently working on downloading CC and rebuilding the Abruzzi's home. This also means that the characters you have all come to know are going to have a makeover. :)

  As for my legacy, I am figuring out how I want to continue the story and write the first few chapters. I am hoping to have a new chapter up by the end of next week but it might be the following Monday. So stay tuned!!