Friday, April 4, 2014

Chapter 12 - Finally Getting Older

  A couple days after the festival we were sitting in our tiny kitchen, after going out for breakfast. It was time for us all to start putting together lists of things we would need to start buying pretty soon.

"Hey guys, lets go!" Silvana shouted, causing us to jump as the door slammed shut. "Come on, hurry!"

"Silvana? What's wrong, is everything okay?"

"Yes yes. I just have a surprise for you guys. Come on, get your stuff in the car and lets go," She said, with a big smile.

  It was a pretty long drive from the apartment to where ever we were headed but the scenery was beautiful. The houses were all amazing and a good distance away from each other. Looked like a great neighborhood to raise a family. As we all stared at the ocean, Silvana came to a stop outside a massive modern house.

"Welcome to your new home," Silvana said, as we all go out of the car.

"No way!" Mika shouted.

"This is our home?" I said, tears forming in my eyes. "It's beautiful!"

  Aside from the house being empty of course, it was stunning. There was more than enough room for all of us plus some. There was a huge basement as well but it was far from being finished. The kids immediately picked out their rooms and then joined us downstairs, we wanted to start our shopping right away.

  We all went shopping for new furniture and food to fill our new fridge and cabinets. It took us about half the day to arrange the furniture how we wanted but by the time we were done the new house was feeling like home.

"Hey mom, can we go to the beach before we finish shopping?" Mira asked, as we were getting ready to go back out.

"Sure, daddy and I wanted to go check out downtown anyways," I said, before handing them their new bank cards we just got. "Please be responsible with these."

Mira and Mika went to the beach for a few hours, met up with some friends, and hung out in the sun. Then they finished their school and clothes shopping, managed to secure jobs at the spa, and then finished arranging their rooms.

  Colton and I did some window shopping, saw a movie, and then bought some nice outdoor stuff. To close out our packed day we made a fantastic dinner and sat down as a family in our new dining room.


  Over the next 10 months we had finally gotten back to our old selves again. The kids were doing really good in school and never missed a day of work. Silvana had earned our trust back and we were getting updates from Nick every once in awhile.

  A few days before Mira and Mikas birthday Colton and I went to see our lawyer. It was time to have our wills made up, especially since we would become elders soon enough. Even though it took us a long time we finally decided who would become the new heir. We spent time watching our kids, which helped us decide who would be better at taking on this huge responsibility. We agreed to talk to the kids soon but not until after their birthday party on Sunday. Since they would be graduating on Monday and we still didn't know how much longer Colton would be with us (he was only getting sicker by the day,) it would be best to do it now before anything happened.

  Sunday had finally arrived and it was time for the kids big party. We all arrived at the local hangout we booked a few hours before their friends would be showing up to get everything set up. Mira, Mika, and all their friends seemed to have an awesome time. Hanging out, playing lots of games, and eating a ton of food. It was so nice to see them having fun with their friends and joking around.

  By the time we brought out the cakes, everyone was beginning to wind down and relax. Mika turned into a handsome man and Mira was beautiful! We said goodbye to everyone, cleaned up, and went home. It was time to get into comfy clothes, relax, and have a long talk.

  Their graduation was on Monday and as they threw theirs caps and diplomas in the air, I felt so happy. I was not sure if we would ever see this day.

  That night I made a very nice dinner and our kids told us their plans now that high school was over.

"I want to take some time off and travel for a little while," Mika said "Then I will find a career and settle down. Ihave enough money saved up from working to afford this."

"I like that, you need to be able to see other places and learn from those cultures."

"I received a scholarship for my science degree," Mira said, beaming "It's at our local college, so I wont be far from you guys."

:That's amazing hunny, congratulations! You guys have both earned these opportunities. We will be going on a yacht with some friends for a week. They want us to have one final "big party" before we become elders. Mira, you can still call us if there is an emergency and Mika be sure to stay in touch."

  Mira didn't mind that we would be leaving so soon. She would be busy getting ready for college and starting classes.

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